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Man Playing Golf

Golf Tournament

Private Country Club
4 Player Scramble Format, Shotgun Start
Auction for Celebrity 5th Player
Luxury Car on Par 3 for Hole-in-One Contest
Rolex for Longest Drive

Tennis Match

Clay Court Tennis Tournament 

Hosted at the Prestigious Stirling Club of Las Vegas
Round Robin Doubles Format
Trophies for the Winners in Each Category


Magic Hat, Wand and Cards

Las Vegas Lawyers Poker Championship 

Texas Hold 'em Tournament
One Rebuy 
Winner Receives a Gold Bracelet and Trophy
Multiple Prizes for High-Hands, Bad Beats, etc.


Married Dancing Couple

Black Tie Dinner Dance

Choice of Steak, Salmon & Sides or Vegan Entrée

Music will include everything from Frank Sinatra to the 80s to The Weekend

Silent Auction with items that will include giveaways such as:
Guitar signed by Eddie Van Halen
Football signed by Tom Brady, Avengers Poster signed by the Movie Cast
and more

The Good Ol' Girls Club

Where Women Have All the Power and Every Advantage

You will be treated to the finest wine & spirits, the most expensive chocolates, the best make-up and more.

You will enjoy a private showing of the most exquisite designer clothing the most elegant jewelry.


Your servers will be the most beautiful Chippendale Dancers and Showgirls in Las Vegas.

A professional Masseuse and Masseur will relax your muscles and entertainers will delight your senses. Laughter will fill the air.

The entire time, you will be networking with serious players, and making new friends.

The Good Ol' Boy's Club has been around forever. It's time for a change.

The Law Conference knows that and proudly presents The Good Ol' Girl's Club.

Reserve your place in the club today.

Register Now


We’re sorry, but because of the limited availability, we can only allow two warrior contestants from any one law firm or corporate legal department to participate.

Two Divisions:

1. Those with no military / LEO experience

2. Veterans and Previously Trained Warriors

In other words, if you've never had military or police training, you're not going to have to compete against people who did.  Contestants will be scored based on performance and precision. One man or woman from each division will receive the Ultimate Warrior Lawyer Trophy and Wall Plaque on Saturday, at the Dinner Dance Presentation Ceremony.


All Warriors will receive a wall plaque and t-shirt to commemorate and acknowledge their training and participation as one of the first 50 lawyers, ever to compete in The Law Conference Ultimate Warrior Lawyer Contest. They will also receive the Warrior Lawyer Medal to wear to future annual Law Conference events. It's a great way to meet future Warriors as they'll be informed to look for that medal, to get tips.

Again, the exercises have been chosen based on one primary factor: A LOT of real Warriors are not going to be in great physical condition after a year long pandemic.
Guess what? After a year of isolation, you can throw a knife. You can defend a room from a mass shooter by moving some furniture around or being the hero whose weapon was a chair. You can lift and shoot a 2 lb. handgun at targets that are less than 10 feet away. You can do this! Cost for entry is $1,500 per contestant.

Call Frederick Shelton at (702) 373-0880 or email him at to secure your spot in The Ultimate Warrior Lawyer Contest before 25 spaces are filled out in each division! 

Knife Throwing

This is exactly what it sounds like. Warriors will be trained how to stop, disable or eliminate attackers with combat throwing knives.  

knife throwing.jpg

Active Shooter Defense

What would you do if a mass murderer was on the loose in your school, office building or other area? Warriors will be trained in the tactics and techniques for evasion, protecting a room, disabling a shooter and more. Impromptu weapons such as chairs, bottles, keys etc. will be used in these exercises.


The Gauntlet

Ever see the movies where Clint Eastwood or others walk through a range and paper targets pop up? Some are civilians and most are bad guys. Warriors will be taught how to properly handle a hand gun (Glock 9mm pistol), how to shoot effectively and how to sharpen their instincts so they don't shoot civilians.

Target Practice.jpg

Machine Gunning

Humvee mounted 50 caliber and hand held M249 machine guns will create amazing experiences and excitement!

Winner will receive a trophy and wall plaque and all participants will receive t-shirts.

Shooting Practice
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